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Alana was always defending Thumps when the guys taunted her... "Thumper open this with your mouth!" She took it as a sign of acceptance, popularity even, when we all knew they were simply taking the...
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She was startled by what she saw on the bridge; it did not seem to have a shape, and yet it was moving toward her, and she found herself inexplicably compelled to stay put.
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I was born on 11/11 at 11:11 and there is nothing extraordinary about my life. We live in an ordered universe where patterns and co-incidences are bound to arise. The Chinese egg was different. I first...
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La peur et la nuit En attente de l'aube
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Where is that wench he thought as he stepped out back to the stables behind the Inn. There he found Isobel, legs parted milking a cow. He calmed as he watched the creamy milk fill up the wooden pail....
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