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It was a dark and stormy night... My neighbor's television was blaring some conspiracy noise, stray dogs were howling in offence to lightning and my pet macaw was reciting Roald Dahl. I spent the better part of an hour shuffling through papers on collective reasoning before abandoning my den of chaos for the corner bar. The music playing was haunting and beautiful. I sit down at my spot at the bar ready to drown out the cacophony playing in my head. The ice cold frothy beer begins to soothe. A flash of lightening makes me glance to my left. Sitting at the bar stool farthest away is... ...a man who looks like he could be a government spy. Lucky, I have my tin foil hat on my head. You know, just to confuse him. If he thinks I'm a wacko he won't have reason to give me a second thought. The man was snuggling up to one of the regulars, a tall, waifish looking blonde who was not shy. The two of them stood up to leave, walking by me she laughed at my hat. Her companion was not so generous. 'Wise up, pinhead,' he said. My mother tells me that I have a nasty temper - really, I'm just a big pussy. I only stuck out the toe of my shoe. The guy lunged for an empty barstool and missed. Well, he didn't miss his next lunge which culminated with his fist grazing lovingly the bridge of my nose. My hat tumbled off. "Ooh, the aliens are gonna get you!"he sneered. The blonde was pulling at his meaty arms as his hands enveloped my shoulders. The man who looked like a government spy stood. A flash came first, then a thunder. They looked at each other trying to judge the amount of fear in their eyes to find the one to blame and laugh at him, be strong again. I stood still, my fists on my hips like superman. Somebody has crushed my tin foil hat but without my teeth they can't do no arm. 'Everybody out of here,' yelled the bar man who looked like he could take the whole bunch on.
The blond assumed (correctly) that he didn't mean for HER to budge her sweet ass one inch.
'He stays with me,' she said taking my hand.
She was the silent type. The kind that stared and smiled and expected you to make conversation or at least let her know when it was time to leave. I payed my tab and slipped out while she was taking a powder and walked down to the drugstore on 6th. That's where I ran into Frankie Muntz. He was the self styled president of the moon, and whispered conspirationally to me that he was competing with the moonbeam mayor for the governship of California. I regretfully informed him that the election was past, that the moonbeam mayor had won. He took the news with aplomb, and donated valium. The thunder was dishonorably discharged and illuminated Frankie's face under the lamp on the poorly lit street. "I don't get out much anymore, he said. They say I have an irrational fear of public places". "Well do you?" I asked. "No not really I just start to feel that the environment is unreal".
I punched Frankie Muntz in the arm.
"Ow!" he yelped. "That hurt!"
"That real enough for you?" I snarled and left him miserably rubbing his arm.
I paid for cigarettes, the real rank kind with more tar than la brea, and stepped outside for a walk. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied the blonde and
something was off. Her government-looking body guard was not with her, but there was something else. She was limping and covered in blood. I ran over to her and held out my umbrella to give her cover from the storm.
"Thank you." She said kindly
"What happened??" I ask
"Its a long story, but we need to get out of here, they're still looking for me."
"Who's "They"??
Frankie Muntz stepped into the light, unflattering on his vagrant features. "Them?" He withdrew a soggy, nearly pulped sheaf of news clippings and scrawled notes. He smiled toothlessly, triumphant. "Someone else believes! You believe!"

He capered as the blood-covered lady and I looked on in horror. "I said 'They', not 'Them'," she said curtly. Frankie's face fell. "Another one?"

Lightning flashed then I was alone under my rain-soaked umbrella.