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“Sure, I'm happy to be my own with this one.” She stepped away from the computer and summoned the young man who was patiently awaiting her signal.
"Simon, could you call me a car, I need one in ten minutes"

"Absolutely, where are you heading ?" he asked knowing that the dispatchers at the car service usually liked to know where the drivers were going, or at least always asked.

"Tell them you have no idea , and that its for a client"
Simon called the car service. A girl with a twang answered the phone; Simon could hear the punching of the keyboard in the background; "Destination please?" she asked, as if the two words had just three syllables in them. Clearly, she was in a hurry or stressed. Simon promptly replied "No Idea."
"What the hell do ya mean you got no idea?" she demanded. "It's a simple question, you know."

"It's....for a client." Simon said slowly. He heard the girl with the twang take a deep breath.

"This is for Ms. Dennings?" she asked.


"I'll send one right over."

"Thank you."

He hung up the phone. "What are you planning?" he asked Ms. Dennings.
Natalia Dennings knew what she was planning, she just wasn't sure where she would end up. For twenty-two years she's worked the same desk job in the same office with employees who come and go. Now it was her time– her time to find her destination.