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published Jan 20th 2017 - 3 authors - 14 contributions - 1161 views
Hey! I'm Levanna, and this is the story of my older sister, Angelica.

She was a warm person, always caring more about others than herself. I wish she didn't, then maybe she'd still be here. After all, it was her kindness that led to her demise.
It all started on a casual Saturday. Angelica and I had gone out on a walk around our town. However, then we came across a poor man in an alleyway...
She'd insisted we help him, saying that it's what any good person would do. I should've done more, I should've pulled her the other way. But I didn't. Why should I have, I didn't know what would happen if I had let her help him.
Angelica bent to her knees and held a hand out to the man. "My name's Angelica, this is my sister Levanna, and we'd like to help you." Her smile was bright and warm. "Is there anything we could do to help?"

"Yes," the man replied with a slight hiss. I caught a glint in his eyes that Angelica apparently didn't. "Come with me."
"Angie, I think we should just head home...." I grabbed her other hand, pulling her back.

"But, Lev, he-"

The man grabbed her other hand, chuckling darkly. "Come with me, Love."
"Angelica, he called you, 'Love'!" I hissed. "What part of that is not suspicious?!"
"Come on, Lev, lots of old people call young adults Love, it's common."

"Yeah, if they're related! Let go of my sister! NOW!" I glared at the man, who just laughed, pulling Angelica away from me.

"Lev, I'll be alright."
"That's what Dad said!" I yelled suddenly, tears coming into my eyes. "He said he'd be alright, and we lost him to a car crash because of some idiot that same day!"
He led her away, and she promised to be back by sundown. She didn't make it home, that night or the next. Eventually the police found her body, drifting in a dam.
It's been four months, and I'm still locked in my room. My mom hasn't seen me since that Saturday. I'm still grieving Angie. She was not only my sister, she was my best friend. And now she's gone.
I was almost no help in identifying the suspect, I was too shocked. However, I was able to give them a slight description, and they caught him. He'd killed so many girls who were sympathetic, and finally he was caught. Just too late. Its been almost 2 years now, I just came out of my room just 6 months ago. My mom made me cut my hair. She said I looked liked a mophead. My friend Alexa still won't talk to me. She said I don't like her anymore because I wouldn't talk to her after the accident.
Of course it's not the real case- I was grieving for my sister, whose death was only a few months after my father's. After all my Dad was the best, along with Angie they were my best friends and always will be. I miss them so much!