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Ms. Connie, Mrs. Amin, and Ms. De Leon love to celebrate Halloween. They especially enjoy eating the milk chocolate, crisped rice Crunch Bars. They bought 6 bags of their favorite Crunch Bars. If they had a total of 66 Crunch Bars, how many Crunch Bars were in each bag?
Hi Connie! I enjoyed reading your problem. I liked how you incorporated Crunch Bars. Yummy! But I need to know more specifics on how many bags Ms. Connie, Mrs. Amin, and Ms. De Leon bought in order to solve the problem. I think you should replace the word “some bags” with an actual number.
Hi friend! The problem is ready for you to solve :)
Great! So my solution is “11 Crunch Bars were in each bag”. I thought if there are 6 bags and I’m trying to find out how many in each bag, but have the total number of bars, I can write this open equation, “6 x __= 66”. Then I know 6 x 11 = 66.