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After Catherine and John got married, they had a baby and named her Lily. Lily was not only very cute, but also smart. Everyone in the town loves her. Catherine and John were very grateful and happy for having such a wonderful daughter, but they did not know that something bad was gonna happen.
The witch had a brother called Sean. Five years later after the witch died, Sean heard that her little sister was killed by a shepherd, he was very angry . So he went to find Catherine and John to give the couple a revenge.
When Sean found out that Catherine and John loved their daughter Lily so much, instead of punishing the couple directly, he took Lily back to her castle. He knew this will break the couple' heart. However, little Lily did not know what happened, because Sean lied to her saying that her parents asked Sean to take her to the castle to become a witch.
After spending ten years of training little Lily to become a witch, Sean found that Lily brought her so much joy and he fall in love with her. Finally, Sean let go of his revenge and decided to take her back to her parents because Lily missed her parents so much. The couple also forgave Sean for what he has done when they saw their daughter was well raised.
What a nice happily ever after ending! Your story is overall well developed, and demonstrates good language use. It is very interesting to read! No major grammatical errors, except some misuse of tenses. (See my edit suggestions for the paragraphs)
Good job!