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Kai smiled.
So Riina knew something bad was about to happen.
Instinctively, Riina ducked her head under her desk. As soon as Kai saw that Riina had ducked, Kai chucked the small object in his hand as hard as could toward the front of the classroom. Riina tried to pretend that she was tying her shoe, keeping her head under her desk so Mrs. Tumbrigg couldn't blame her for what was about to happen.
Pulling together two loops Riina heard a shattering screech as something hit the white board. Along to jumps and screams by classmates Riina got up to see what Kai had thrown. The thousands of pieces on the floor indicated an antique glass tea cup. At this point Riina did not even take notice of Mrs. Tumbrigg, instead she paid all her attention to why in the world Kai would bring a tea cup to school.