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published Mar 4th 2016 - 5 authors - 5 contributions - 1245 views
June 6, log it's been 48 hours since I lost contact with my crew, I should have figure that we were being tailed, "I'm so stupid" I said with an distinguish face, I should have never let my guard down back there.
That storm hit us out of nowhere, tearing through the masts and whipping salt water through the air. In a frenzy, my crew squabbled around the deck, clinging desperately to anything that stood firm. I froze. I couldn't move. All I could do was watch from a distance. I had never been in a life or death situation before. I didn't know how to react or what I could do to help. All I could think about was my boy I had left behind.
He, the one I cared for, was the only one left behind. My mind was a cluster of thoughts and feeling as I was forced to turn my back on him.
My eyes misted as he faded into the background, just a pixel in the swirling crowd of grays and blacks. And when I was so far gone that the eddying masses disappeared, I collapsed, shoulders hunched, ribs heaving, and sobbed for the one I left behind, like so much cargo.