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published May 19th 2015 - 5 authors - 5 contributions - 1432 views
Soft rain drops pitter-pattered the windshield of the car. The air conditioner was on low; everything was quiet and calm. The road ahead was slow, straight, and mundane. Amy's hands loosened on the wheel as she dozed off into a deep sleep... The car veered to the left, zooming into the oncoming lane. Headlights glistened in the distance. The once quiet car erupted into chaos. Amy was awoken from the screams of her friend and the echoing horn of the other driver.
For a moment there was nothing. It was black when Amy lost consciousness, but the light coming quickly towards her windshield awoke her just in time to hear the sound of glass shattering. She didn't have time to scream before the car flipped over and off of the road.
Boom! Crash! The car slams into a tree.
"Hello? Luke! Are you okay?"
There was no response - it was complete and utter silence. Becky kept calling for Luke but he never replied. She was in this car and her loved one was no where to be found.
I could hear her voice pierce through this darkness that shrouded me. My body was cold and growing colder as the soft drops of rain flitted down all around me. I could feel myself slipping but that voice, the voice that I loved so much kept me clinging to life.