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Isn’t it funny, how mentally we have certain preconceptions about all kinds of things. Before ever seeing them we already know what they will look like.
On my first trip to America I read Nausea by Sartre. The perfect book to read on route to America the land of 'deflowered newness'. The spectacle had already been franchised, and before I'd set foot on US soil I already knew it from the movies. Customs welcomed me to being or nothingness.
So, what shall it be for me this time? My journey is behind me and fate looms above me, awaiting my next step.
Destiny. A turn of fate.
A brunette sat down at the bar next to me and opened her black Hermes clutch bag. She removed an iPhone that was ringing one of those annoying spoken word ringtones, "Hey! Your phone is ringing", "Pick up the phone. I said pick up the phone!" She looked at the caller ID and declined the call.
I apologized. "I remember when cell phones didn't exist. When idle chatter between strangers was the norm." A look, a sigh, and a swig ensued. "I'm Angela." "Destiny", she replied.
A nearby wino mumbled, "Angel of Destiny. That's the novel I was gonna write-urk!" His face promptly met the bar top with a hard smack.They giggled nervously. "I'm not sure if this is First Person," Angela laughed into her drink,"O-or third person Limited!" Destiny cried agreement and ordered shots.
She needed this.. This will help forget him. With him, she never got to call the shots. "To freedom!" She almost said, but not quite.
"Hey! Your phone is ringing", "Pick up the phone. I said pick up the phone!" Are you going to get that, Destiny said, looking at Angela's iPhone on the counter intuitively. "Post game analysis and pathetic reruns....thats all at the end of that line."
The wino rose, signaled for another drink, and said, "I'm sick to my stomach of this country."
"Answer your phone already," said another patron.
"Are you gonna answer that thing?" said a third.
"Go on, answer it, sweetheart," said a fourth.
"Answer it."
"Answer it."
Angela just laughed. She'd programmed it to ring right on time. "Hello, you slimy worm. Thought I'd be crawling back to you, didn't you?"
"A slimy worm? Now I thought we were going to play nice," said the voice on the other side of the phone. The tone was condescending.
She smirked, looking pointedly at the crowd that had gathered to find out who it was.
"We stopped playing nice when you gave me this annoying obnoxious ringtone." She said. "Now it's no longer a game. It's a race against sanity."
The wino bent and literally became sick, saturating the atmosphere with bitter alcohol. He stood up and ordered a round of drinks for everyone. Maintenance came and went, leaving behind a wet floor sign. "Sanity?" the wino huffed, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. "Always a losing race."

The crowd,stunned to silence the past few minutes, became animated, snogging drinks and sucking at ash-bent fags. "...hello? Anyone there?" They'd forgotten the phone.