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Outside the pond was covered with figure-eight marks. I was brushing my teeth. My arm hurt. My gums were bleeding. I wish I could stop.
She knew better. This would never end she said because beneath the surface I wanted more, more, more. I looked at myself in the mirror. She was right.
I kept counting and counting, the amount of marks on the pond, the times up and down my toothbrush was moving in my mouth, the repetition was soothing.
When I stopped wanting more from my toothbrush for the moment,I rinsed out the blood from my mouth and counted the steps across the tiles to my bathroom door one hundred times,correlating for the thermal expansion of July's influence on said tiles before finally crossing the threshold of my bedroom.
My bedside clock had stopped. Not good. The Master Feng Shui dude had said that it was bad for my Dragon energy or something. The clock must remain flowing he had said. Then again, he had also mentioned that there were two spirits watching me from the adjacent building stairwell which had created an uneasy feeling every time I took my clothes off in the bedroom. I better get it fixed all the same.
I put on my ugly blue outfit, that I wear every day. my arm ached as I slipped my shirt over my head.
I really needed to get across the road. Mary was remembered.