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Kellogg knew his ship would not come in, despite desperate pleas to God or whatever was in charge. It had all gone to rack and ruin, his plans, his formal plans on saving the world from itself. It was, after all, his fault that life was so difficult, that the environment was in peril, that political candidates spoke like robots, that sex was confused with lust... Drinking wine by the jug had only hurt him.
After rediscovering "Charlie bit my finger - again !" on youtube, he cried for a week. His wife said nothing while he wept. She had always been a beacon of stability in his life. The first time she found him hugging the giant oak outside their bedroom window she pleaded with him to come in. The second time she threw rocks and threatened to have him committed.
But Kellogg hated the idea of being institutionalized even more than the idea of remaining in a world of casual earth damage and robots in charge. His love for his wife dwindled as her threats became more frequent--she really did think he needed "help" from a psychiatrist. Except, to Kellogg, shrinks were throw-backs, guys steeped in theory from days of yore, overesteemed, and unfit to work on the innards of the human mind.
Besides, he preferred to self-medicate with wares hawked by yuppies from clean, functional apartments. Pungent with the aroma of cauterized trichomes, his relationship with his wife became more strained. The "D" word came up, followed by a stack of legal documents. A lifetime of public culture failed to program him for the appropriate responses to such a monumental life event. Instead of despair, he felt... free. Emancipated. It seemed too good to be true.
"With dope, there's hope," he said to himself, and signed the divorce papers with a giddy smile. His woman would be Mary Jane from then on; his wife was now legally an ex. But what to do with the new freedom? He medicated and thought again about his first love, wine. Wine was an ex as well. Wine, and that woman he'd lain beside all those years, both a part of his past.