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Ashleigh is lost in the forest . "HELP HELP ME! SAVE ME!" crying loudly. He moaned in tears and sobbed . Ashleigh is lost......
A dark shape flew towards him."AHHH!"He screamed like a little girl.He started running around and flappping his arms around madly."I want my mommy!"He proceeded to trip and hit his head, getting a concussion.
After crying for 3 days , 3 night, he finally realised that he is lost in the forest. One day, he was wandering around the forest finding food to eat and water to drink. But instead, he met with a BIG brown bear which looks like it has not eaten for days. He played dead to escape the danger. But the bear was not so stupid and ate him alive... His corpse could not be found again...
And here was Ashleigh , 12 years old and already dead . "Blimey!" he croaked . "This isn't happening ." He realized that he was sitting on a billowing white cloud .The air was warm and he could hear music , soft notes being pluck on strings what he knew must be harps .
"Wait!"A voice screeched,"What are you doing here?You shouldn't be here.Heaven is a place for kind people, not evil Nimrods like you!SCRAM!"A white figure descended upon him ...
The white figure grabbed him .One moment he was screaming and kicking for the figure( an angel ) to let go , the next moment he was thrown from heaven . " Ahhhh ! Save me ! He screamed as he got further away from heaven ............
"Why am i going deep into the earth?I AM GOING TO HELL!HELP ME!"Ashleigh yelled as he continued to fall deeper and deeper into the ground.
" CRASH ! " Ashleigh look around to find himself somewhere dark.
He looked around to find a man with green scales at his chin and with fire,red eyes staring at him with pleasure.
"Please don't hurt me ...." Ashleigh pleaded with teary eyes. Around him was red and dark.Skulls lay everywhere. It was then Ashleigh wished he had not been such a retarded failure.
"AND: CUT! We have a wrap for today!" And after laying fake smiles upon his bee subjects, left the set in a hurry - cursing unheard.
"Lets continue" Ashleigh lay in hell wishing he had not been such a retarded failure when suddenly a voice came to him"Get up you piece of shit,Hades wishes to meet with you." "Honestly what is hades thinking,meeting with filth like him",the mysterious voice muttered as it heave ashleigh to his feet."Who are you and where are you am i losing my mind,why cant i see you"Ashleigh cried out in fear." " Hmph,i forgot that puny mortals can't see beings like us ,there is no need for you to know anyway."
"Between waste time here until I'm dead, and waste some time there... hmmm though choice."