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Creating a New Scribe

To create a new scribe all you need to do is click on the "Start Writing" button at the top of the page. You can set a new scribe to private and invite your friends or open it up to the our community of author and see what happens.

Contibuting to Scribes

Public scribes are open to the entire ThumbScribes community for collaboration. If you find one that you like, all you have to do is start writing. Scribes are collaborations so try to stick to the plot line and tone defined by previous authors. The following are some general guidelines:

Writer Guidelines

  • Stick to the genre, narrative viewpoint, tone and style established by previous contributions to a scribe.
  • Stay aware of the scribe's narrative arc, the number of contributions and the length set by the scribe initiator.
  • Don't be a hater.


Scribes can be created as public, open to contributions from the whole of the ThumbScribes community, or private, restricted to contributions from invited authors. Access restrictions do not effect visibility, just the ability to contribute so anyone can read and vote on private scribes in the same way they do with scribes marked public.


ThumbScribes members can take the role of editor and suggest changes to contributions on any public scribes and private scribes they have access to. Authors are notified that an edit has been suggested to their contribution and can choose to accept or ignore the suggestion at their own discretion. Editors can modify or remove their suggestion at any time prior to a responce from the contributing author.

Scribe Author Rotation

Private scribes can be further enhanced by setting their order to rotation.

Rotational Scribes are passed between invited authors in the order in which they respond to the invitation. This cycle repeats until the work is completed. At any time, collaborators can opt to pass on a cycle of the rotation or leave the scribe rotation.

By defualt all scribes are non-rotational. Anyone, anytime, can contribute, the only caveat being that you cannot post successive contributions to a scribe.

Total Number of Contributions

The Initiator sets the total number of contributions for a scribe. Once that number has been reached, the scribe will automatically publish.


Authors can invite anyone to participate in a collaboration using their e-mail address, ThumbScribes name or Twitter user name. Authors that receive an invitation to a scribe can join in at any time.


Use the "Like it" button to show your appreciation for a scribe. Voting up or down individual contributions lets the author know how much you appreciate their work and contributes to that authors popularity rating. Liked scribes are also a great way to keep track of scribes and follow their progress.


Published Scribes appear in as a completed body of text. To see the details of a collaboration, suggest edits and vote on individual contributions, click the "view details" button.


We eventualy hope to support creating scribes and submiting to active scribes using a number of popular 3rd party IM services and Twitter. For more information on our current support for 3rd party services, check out our Services Help document.